Specialists in Law of Honour, Defense of Corporate Reputation and Digital Law, in AVERUM Abogados we provide advice in these branches of law, always seeking excellence in our services

Right to honour

In AVERUM Abogados we offer the following services to individuals with public relevance, as well as to private individuals, whose right to honour, privacy and/or their own image has been violated:

  • Specialists in precautionary measures.
  • The experience of a large volume of proceedings initiated.
  • Privacy and absolute reserve.
  • Compensation according to the damage caused.

These services are focused not only on the protection of honor, privacy and self-image in traditional media, but also in everyday digital media, such as websites, social networks or blogs, eradicating all kinds of attacks on such fundamental rights:

  • Denigrating or abusive comments in social networks
  • Dissemination of fake news in social networks, websites or digital media.
  • Dissemination of sensitive data (e. g. health data) on digital platforms.
  • Dissemination of photos without consent on social networks and other digital platforms.

Crimes against Privacy

Taking into account the relevant impact that new technologies are acquiring in our lives, as well as the various events that we are witnessing around the protection of the right to privacy, in AVERUM Abogados we offer legal services aimed at both the exercise of private prosecution and defense of the investigated before the criminal jurisdiction in order to ensure the protection of this right, specializing in the following services:

  • Crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets: seizure of objects, interception of telecommunications or use of technical devices (microphone or camera) to violate privacy (art. 197 C. P.[Spanish Penal Code] ).
  • Authorization, access, use, modification or alteration of personal data (art. 197. 2 C. P. ).
  • Dissemination, disclosure or assignment to third parties of information obtained illegally by a third party (Art. 197. 3. II C. P)
  • Dissemination, disclosure or transfer to third parties of images or audiovisual recordings obtained with the victim’s consent (art. 197. 7 C. P. ).
  • Disclosure of secrets known to professionals or in the field of employment (Art. 199 C. P. ).
  • Illicit access to computer systems (Art. 197a 1 CP).
  • Sexting crimes.

From AVERUM Abogados we offer a specialized treatment to the criminal acts that attempt against the right to the privacy, linking us simultaneously with the most traditional matters that affect to such fundamental right, trying to repair the damages caused to the victim of the crime or establishing the best strategy of defense to the one investigated for the presumed commission of a crime of such magnitude.

Corporate Reputation Defense (CRD)

The Honour of Companies must be preserved against unfair competitors, information leaks and denigrating acts that affect the image of companies.

In AVERUM Abogados, we are aware of defending, through legal actions, the reputation of companies that are affected by:

  • Disclosure of confidential secrets of the company by managers or disloyal employees, with dissemination in the media or social networks, which distort free competition.
  • Dissemination of denigrating or inverse news in social media that damages the reputation of the Companies.
  • Claims for damages for unlawful actions affecting the Corporate reputation.

Likewise, we try to mitigate the damage to reputation as soon as possible by using the best communication companies that are experts in the field, both in digital and traditional media, with the aim of obtaining a quick and efficient out-of-court result, which will be binding for later exercising the legal actions that protect the victim.

All this focused on the immediate recovery of the digital reputation, organic positioning (SEO), etc, in relation to the exhaustive quantification of the moral and material damages suffered in the course of the reputational crisis, which will be claimed in the corresponding legal action.

Inheritance (Succesions)

AVERUM Abogados has a team specialized in advising people in a situation of divorce or separation, in civil law and, especially, in everything related to Hereditary Law, in particular, providing both consultative and contentious services related to:

  • Wills and inheritance: Drafting and preparation of wills and other inheritance provisions, Formation of partition and inheritance distribution notebooks, with settlement of the corresponding liens and taxes. Assistance and advice to heirs or called to inherit and legatees.

Wealth & Tax

AVERUM abogados provides advice in the search of a patrimonial arrangement with a simple fiscal logic. It has knowledge of the different assets and markets where its clients’ assets are located and offers services for:

  • Definition of the client’s asset situation.
  • Customized analysis of the purposes pursued in each case.
  • Preparation of legal and tax planning proposals based on the client’s personal objectives, with their operational tax implications and costs.
  • Creation of the appropriate legal instruments to implement the agreed action plans (Company Law).
  • Assurance of all regulatory compliance (fiscal compliance).
  • Study of the fiscal repercussions of patrimonial movements.
  • Monitoring of operations, formal and analytical or management accounting.
  • Audit and company valuations.