Marisa Herrero-Tejedor

Attorney in the area of ​​Crimes against Privacy as in the department of ​​Right to Honour at AVERUM Abogados, and specialist in the defense of the Right to Honour, Privacy and Own Image.

She obtains the title of Law Graduate from the Centro Universitario Villanueva (Attached to the Universidad Complutense of Madrid), and in the same way, she attends the same faculty to obtain the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession, culminating it with the Final Master´s Work “Public figures in social networks: existence of the right to privacy and own-image?”, under the tutelage of lawyers Antonio González-Zapatero and Mario Bonacho Caballero. 

In addition, she finished her training with the development of the International Legal Studies Program at Berkeley College in New York (USA), after wich she approved the State Examination for Access to the Legal Profession, joining the Madrid Bar Association in 2018. Since then, Marisa became the head of the Credit Recovery Area of the law firm Asesores Bancarios, managing numerous judicial files; and joining at the same time the Area of Right to Honour at AVERUM Abogados

Currently, given the rise in cybercrimes against privacy, she joins the area of ​​Crimes against Privacy at AVERUM Abogados as a lawyer, bringing the specialty of criminal law to the firm.