Author: Marina Alonso

Companies can defend their reputation on digital platforms

Recently, a court of first instance in Merida has condemned TripAdvisor for storing comments harmful to the reputation of a hotel, forcing it to withdraw the defamatory comments that were detrimental to the honor of the accommodation, and to a compensation sentence, although in our opinion, contrary to the doctrine of the Supreme Court, in […]

Supreme Court opts for protection of companies’ digital reputation

At the end of 2019, the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo) ruled on a new case in which a new digital case was put on the table, which totally damaged the prestige and reputation of a medical centre. Although the position of the Court of First Instance, Provincial Court and Supreme Court […]

The use of hidden cameras by the media

More than typical are television programs in which, in order to investigate a particular topic, the journalist poses as a client or a third party with a hidden camera in order to get privileged information to offer the viewer. And in this sense, although it may not seem so, this use of the “hidden camera” […]

Does a professional footballer have the right to protect his privacy?

The recent Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo)ruling of 29 June 2020 has ratified the Madrid Provincial Court’s decision to protect the privacy of a well-known first division footballer. The conflict dates back to 2014, when the footballer’s former partner made a series of statements for Interviú magazine in which she said: “I got pregnant, but we […]

Covid Report: Do I close my business or not?

If one is informed through the National Institute of Statistics (INE), one can now conclude on July 22, 2020 things like the following: “The Harmonized Business Confidence Index (HBI) is maintained in the third quarter of 2020 with respect to the second quarter”. . . . “. . . . . . 7% of business […]

Tax inspectors on your couch

The Director General of the Tax Agency, Jesús Gascón, stated in the Congress Committee on Budgets last Thursday 5/11/2020 that access to homes with prior notice to carry out checks “does not seem to be very effective when there is the possibility of destroying evidence”, after the Supreme Court ruled that the Treasury cannot access […]